The MA DTCE Team
  • Dr. Mark Carrigan
    Programme Director (On Site)
    I'm interested in how we live with digital platforms in everyday life, particularly the interaction between what we choose to do with them and the ways in which they influence us without us knowing.
  • Dr. Felix Kwihangana
    Programme Director (Distance Learning)
    My interests are in educational technology in under-resourced contexts, technology-assisted language teaching, teacher identity and educational ICT discourses.
  • Dr. Amanda Banks Gatenby
    I'm interested in how we learn to use and create technology and how we come to understand our own learning in different ways through attempts to model this in A.I. related fields. As part of this creation of new technologies, I’m interested in the design and development practices that influence how the tools we use take shape and evolve.
  • Dr. Susan Brown
    My research interests are oriented around digital technology and socio-ecological sustainability. I'm concerned by the big ecological, and related social issues we face and how digital technology can be a friend and foe in tackling those issues.
  • Dr. Heather Cockayne
    My research interests are around international education and student experience, particularly how technology can be used for learning. 
  • Dr. Taslima Ivy
    I am interested in sociology of educational technology, particularly how culture, society and educational technology interact with each other. My interests additionally include indigenous research methodologies and issues related to environmental and social sustainability in developing contexts.
  • Professor Peter Kahn 
    My research is focused on the role that collaboration and reflexivity play within learning in higher education. As part of this, I am interested in the role of digital technologies in enhancing student learning.

  • Dr. Louis Major
    My research focuses on how digital technology can enable new models of education, help to address educational disadvantage, and support dialogue and communication. One key strand of my work is as part of the EdTech Hub. The Hub is a global non-profit research partnership funded by the UK government and others.
  • Dr. Gary Motteram
    In recent years, I have focused on using mobile platforms to support teachers working in what are termed 'difficult circumstances'; in situations where there is limited access to any kind of education, or there are particular reasons why people are isolated from others
  • Dr. Mike O'Donoghue
    My professional interests focus on instructional and training video and its production, educational film & television, and on what teaching can learn from the craft of film and video production and vice-versa.
  • Dr. Nahielly Palacios
    I am leading on the development and facilitation of group reflective practice for postgradstudents across different programmes in the Manchester Institute of Education. I also teach and support the facilitation of a number of MA modules including Developing Researcher Reflexivity, Language Learning and Technology and Teaching and Learning Online. My research in areas such as group reflective practice, teacher professional development and intercultural education.
  • Dr. Richard Proctor 
    Richard Procter is a Senior Tutor in Education at the University of Manchester. Richard is an Education professional with a range of qualifications in education, technology and social research. An experienced Lecturer with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry. Skills include E-Learning, Data Analysis, Research Design, Lecturing, and Educational Technology. His research interests include, educational technology, e-learning, formative assessment, evidence informed practice, translational research, and professional development.
  • Dr. Drew Whitworth
    My particular interests lie with how we develop people's digital and information literacy skills and how we can use online communication tools and discussions to build knowledge in learners and generate community.  
  • Rongjia Cao
    Student representative 
  • Vaidehi Simon Martin
    Student Representative
  • Yona May Rahayu
    Student Representative 
  • Rachel Mann
    Student Representative (DL)
External teaching team
  • Dr. Anna Verges Bausili
    I am eLearning Manager for the Faculty of Humanities and I have been in this role for over 9 years. My research interests are: eAssessment – from the educational angle all the way to eAssessment policy-making, processes and management; learning and curriculum design; digital service organisation and management including the changes and impact of the COVID pandemic in the service and the higher education.
  • Dr. Susan Dawson
    I have a background in TESOL and am interested in teacher professional development and teacher resilience, particularly in “challenging and fragile” contexts, and how the role of mobile apps and low-cost technologies might facilitate that. I am also interested in practitioner research (e.g. Exploratory Action Research) and how that might contribute to teacher and learner praxis development.
  • Dr. Milena Kremakova
    I am a sociologist interested in digital labour and digital inequalities, as well the people and infrastructures which make science possible. This includes the interplay between theoretical science, scientific applications (in the form of various technologies), and everyday life. I am a specialist in ethnographic, qualitative and mixed-method approaches.
  • Karenne Sylvester
    I am a learning technologist in the Humanities eLearning team and I’m interested in exploring in how immersive technologies and experiences carried out in extended reality can best support teaching, learning and assessment, along with sustainable ways we can provide these.
DTCE Research & Scholarship Group
  • Dr. Claire Forbes
    Digital Civics Coordinator 
  • Rongjia Cao
    Research Club Coordinator
  • Deng Jiwei
    Research Club Coordinator
  • Yona May Rahayu
    Research Club Coordinator
  • Qianyao Wang
    Research Club Coordinator
  • Krishna Wiananda
    Research Club Coordinator
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